Older Animals Need Extra Special Care

New Bundle Of Fluff In The Family? Why You Should Keep Table Scraps Away From Your Puppy

When it comes to bringing a new puppy into the family, you want to make sure that you do everything right. After all, you're responsible for keeping your new puppy happy and healthy. One key factor in keeping your puppy happy and healthy involves the food you'll be providing it with. If you want to keep your puppy truly happy and healthy, you should avoid the table scrap treats. Those tasty little morsels off your plate may seem harmless enough, but they can actually wreak havoc on the health of your new puppy. Read More 

Understanding And Dealing With Tooth Problems In Rabbits

Your pet rabbit is a herbivore whose teeth is continuously growing. Nature has equipped them with this ability because of the tough food that wild rabbits eat. However, domestic rabbits depend on us to provide them with the food and care they need to keep their teeth healthy. This often means paying special attention to their teeth to prevent them from becoming overgrown (also known as malocclusion). Here's more about why some rabbit teeth overgrow and what you can do to help your pet keep his or her teeth in good condition. Read More 

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Older Animals Need Extra Special Care

I have always been an animal-lover, and while my family had cats when I was growing up, after I graduated from college and had my own place, I adopted my first dog. I did a lot of research on dog care before adopting him to help make sure I care for him properly and continue to research pet health tips to this day. Now that he has reached his "golden years," I realize that is is more important than ever to monitor his health. I take him to the veterinarian every year for a wellness check-up and give him a couple of health supplements. I am proud to say that he is in amazing health for his age! I want to help others learn how to care for their pets well, especially senior dogs and cats, so I decided to start a blog to share my pet care tips on!


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